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Hunter Montgomery
Hunter Montgomery

Nomatic Backpack Buy BETTER

NOMATIC is an entirely crowdfunded company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They only started in 2014, but they already have a vast range of products. In addition to three styles of backpacks that range from commuter-size to travel-friendly, NOMATIC offers everything from wallets to notebooks.

nomatic backpack buy


Both the 30L and 40L options are carry-on sized. They fit snugly under an airline seat, but the 40L is better in the overhead. You can also quickly alter the shoulder straps to go from backpack mode to duffel mode.

A major point of difference with the NOMATIC backpacks compared to other backpacks is their sleek, modern design. The boxy simplicity reminds me of the Tortuga Outbreaker, or the Peak Design Travel Bag (you can read a full comparison here).

Nomatic is on the fast track to becoming one of the most popular bag companies in the world. Their backpacks have raised over $2.9 million dollars on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and they are backed by thousands of eager travelers from around the world.

That said, 20L is rather small when it comes to fitting in clothes for a trip or toiletries among your daily haul, so this is an indicator that this backpack is best for day-to-day use rather than fitting in everything you need for travel.

Moving on with the basics, this backpack has a main compartment as well as a smaller compartment on the front, hidden pockets throughout, and a top and side carry handle for conveniently toting your bag around.

For times when it may be inappropriate or inconvenient to carry a backpack around, you can tuck the straps away in their hidden compartment and use the side handle to carry it like a briefcase instead.

Other notable features that add to the functionality of this backpack are the retractable key leash (never dig around in the bottom of your bag for them again!), RFID-blocking pocket for your passport and cards, a magnetic water bottle pocket to keep your drink in place, and a removable protective shell for sunglasses.

The Travel Pack is also a 20L backpack. However, with expansion,you can add up to 10 extra liters of space (creating a 30L pack), with an entire unzipped perimeter (compared to just an unzipped bottom on the backpack).

The NOMATIC Backpack is great for everyday uses. It can fit a lot of gear and is great for organization because it had numerous pockets for organization. It is versatile and can be used with different uses. It does have a slightly higher price point than other backpacks in the same category.

The NOMATIC Backpack is meant for everyday use. It is made to last with water-resistant material (tarpaulin) and YKK zippers. The backpack is designed to be slim but expandable to hold what you need when you need it. It has a volume of 20L that expands up to 24L.

The Travel Bag (40 liters) is the perfect travelers bag by NOMATIC. This bag can be used as a backpack or as a duffel bag and is equipped with various useful features such as a separate shoe compartment, a TSA Laptop compartment and much more. The NOMATIC Travel bag is suitable at most airlines to take as hand luggage. The NOMATIC Travel Bag is ideally suited for trips of 4 to 7 days. Why exchange your travel bag for a backpack when you arrive at your destination when you can use your Travel Bag as a regular backpack? Are you looking for a smaller version of this bag? There is also a 30 liter variant that you can buy.

Are you looking for the perfect backpack? Then the NOMATIC Backpack is just the bag for you. This backpack is equipped with many useful features such as an RFID compartment for your passport or ID card, a loop-through option for cables and much more. The bag also comes with a laptop compartment and enough space to carry all your office supplies. Need more space? With a zipper you can easily increase the standard volume of 20 liters to a maximum of 24 liters. Just enough to take that extra paperwork with you.

Not everyone likes a backpack or shoulder bag as a travel bag. Do you need all the great features of NOMATIC, but still prefer a trolley? With the NOMATIC Trolley Cases you get the best you can buy. These suitcases are extremely strong and equipped with unique features such as a separate laptop compartment with which you can quickly and easily pass the security check at the airport. There are 3 different suitcases to choose from. The NOMATIC Carry on Classic is the standard model. A standard rolling case that is suitable to take on the plane as hand luggage. The NOMATIC Carry on PRO is almost the same as the carry on classic, but has a separate "tech" compartment and comes with the NOMATIC Tech Case. Are you going on a longer holiday or business trip, and do you need more clothes? The NOMATIC Check In is a fully-fledged suitcase on wheels, and with a volume of 78 liters, it is large enough for those who always want to take that extra set of clothing with them.

This camera travel bag the is the perfect bag for every adventure. It allows you to pack camera gear and clothing in the same bag. The removable folding dividers, expansion, and external carry straps allow you to pack it any way you want, just like you would expect from a camera travel backpack.

As a neat freak, my favorite feature of the bag is all the extra pockets and compartments that make it super easy to organize your belongings. The removable organizing panel makes it easy to tailor the backpack to your exact needs, like working from the beach one week then up in the mountains another.The expandable capacity is excellent, too, especially for colder climates when you need to pack plenty of extra layers.

Both the Nomatic Backpack and Nomatic Travel Pack sport a Magnetic Water Bottle Pocket, which snaps shut when unfilled. This fits in really nicely with the compact, space efficient design of these two smaller nomatic products.

TSA stands for Transport Security Administration and being friendly to it basically means your backpack has a laptop designated region with no metal snappers, zips or buckles that you can lie flat on the X Ray Belt.

Because the Nomatic Packs were designed to be some of the best laptop backpacks ever made, this means that most of the weight needs to be distributed in the laptop section. No laptop = bag is likely to fall forwards.

Characteristically Durable (as are all the Nomatic Products) and able to store up to 5 items, the Nomatic Shirt Organiser finally overcomes the backpackers dilemma of being unable to keep smart on the road.

I like that Nomatic kept the color choices to shades to black only. Nothing too bright and too dull, which makes the bag look stylish and professional. Note that I reviewed an early v 1.0 of the Nomatic backpack; the current version did away with the triangular patterns and the more overt branding, which is a very nice improvement in my book.

There are always trade-offs in backpack designs, and the overall weight definitely supports from the huge number of features on this backpack. If you plan to use the Nomatic 40L as your only luggage and to take on longer trips, then the weight may be an issue for you. If you plan to use it in conjunction with rolling luggage or for shorter trips, this is less much likely to be an issue.

One area where the Nomatic 40L excels compared to other backpacks is the number of accessories available. These are all designed to fit exclusively with the Nomatic 40L and really expand the functionality in some important ways. 041b061a72




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