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Hunter Montgomery
Hunter Montgomery

Buy Armor Piercing 9mm Ammo

Ar500 armor is by FAR the worst online customer experience I have ever had. After waiting over 5 months for my order, and numerous outright lies from their customer support, I have cancelled my order. PEWPEW should protect their brand, and get this review off of their site.

buy armor piercing 9mm ammo

Aside from cost and weight, is there any great reason to not make a plate carrier that is, by itself, level IIIa soft armor, with full coverage at the sides, down to where most people wear their belt, and with a high-ish collar? My though process is that, sure, armor plates cover most areas pretty well, and getting shot in the gut may not be fatal in under two minutes, but I'd rather not have a bullet go through at all.

Ordered from them after Thanksgiving last yr, the lead time was stated as 4-5 wks got my 1st order in 3.All I can say is, with Libtard politicians going nuts & trying everything to ban guns at every turn, & with supply chains breaking down due to Chinese Coronavirus frenzy, it's a wonder ANY business can keep up with orders. The time to buy was BEFORE you needed it so urgently.I've been buying arms & ammo all my life. Just started stocking up on both on a larger scale & buying armor around 5 yrs ago. I saw this stuff coming for decades, but couldn't really afford to be a prepper. If I could have, I'd really be sitting pretty right now.

Did you read the same article???It mentioned certification, ratings and the fact that the armor tested was on the NIJ compliance list. The article also went in depth on spalling and the coatings and depth of coatings. -armor/Pages/compliant-ballistic-armor.aspx

I bought the veritas with level 3+ LW plates. They feel pretty nice, kinda regret not going with the built up coating, but they were buy one get one free, so I cant complain. They are nice and light, but the multicurve didnt feel quite as curvy as the plates we had in the military. Maybe just because its steel and thinner. Also the cummerbund is totally needed for the veritas. I wish you guys would mention about local laws, I live in Connecticut, and there is no non face to face sale of body armor. The only reason I could have ar500 ship it to me was because I'm military.

I felt that this reads like a sales brochure - there was no mention of how impractical heavy steel plates are, single curve was recommended but no mention of multi curve, and no comparison to competitors or level III/III+ ceramic plates. Maybe you assume everybody already is highly knowledgeable when it comes to body armor, but from reading these comments it doesn't look that way.

What fits your budget, needs, and style the best. Make sure that any armor you consider buying is rated by National Institute of Justice. As long as the NIJ signs off on an armor being rated for something - you can trust that the armor will actually function as advertised.Personally, I would also go with name brands. You want to be able to trust that their QC is on point. AR500 is on point, for example.

If you're considering getting some body armor you need to look at multiple different types and of armor what each are capable of defeating in regards to not just round types but the velocity of each round and the distance at which that given armor stopped you should also look into the amount of deformation the round inflicted on the armor while stopping the round. This article does bring up a number of very important issues that should always be considered when it comes to armor, and if it isn't something you're willing to wear due to discomfort or weight you likely won't have it on when you need it most. Also this was a good review of multiple ar500 plates, there are many other body armor manufacturers out there and different combinations of bullet resistant materials in armor manufacturers products that may be more what you're looking for to counter the threat you might be exposed to. Always remember as mentioned in the article a counter treat level rating is meaning less unless that level is certified by the NIJ and also keep in mind the NIJ doesn't have a rating level of level III+ and no matter what always look at the ballistic test data yourself so you know that an M855 going 3100ft/s will be stopped but an M193 going 2900ft/s will penetrate the armor and with that information you're better prepared to choose the protection for you. One last reminder the arms race between a more effective armor and a round that will defeat that armor is never ending so keep up to date with the newest innovations on both sides.

The State of Pennsylvania carries its own prohibitions against armor-piercing ammunition, which are in addition to the federal regulations on armor-piercing ammo. Other than that, there are no known unusual state ammo laws in Pennsylvania. The State does not require a permit to purchase ammo. Remember, however, that all federal laws still apply.

Lucky Gunner is able to ship ammo to Pennsylvania for customers at least 21-years-old. We require all Pennsylvania residents to verify their age prior to shipment. This may require you to provide us with a copy of your driver's license or other government issued photo ID showing your date of birth.

Defenses are very fact-specific to the case. The prosecution has the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, so the defense attorney would try to show that the government has insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction. Nevada does not mandate ammunition sellers to maintain a record of their purchases. So depending on the case, there may be no paper trail tying an ammo seller to an alleged purchaser of armor-piercing bullets.

Nevada convictions for selling or making metal-penetrating bullets may be sealed two (2) years after the case ends. Federal convictions involving armor-piercing bullets may not be sealed in most cases.7

Note for New Jersey: Do not carry hollow-point ammunition in your carry gun! The fine is levied on each bullet and transportation of hollow-point ammo is generally limited to your home, the shooting range and traveling between them. An FID card is also required for all firearm purchases.

The effectiveness of the English longbow in combat represented a synergistic melding of the English longbow along with the equally critical English long-bowman. Prior to the advent of the longbow, the armored mounted knight dominated the battlefield. The longbow, however, served as a great equalizer, leveling the field and making common men more lethal than their noble counterparts. A good argument for the second amendment.

One type of bullet that over 20 states have outright prohibitions against are "armor piercing" bullets. These are even illegal in Texas. The states that have banned these types of bullets recognize that no "sport" hunter or marksmen needs to pierce armor. The only people that need bullets that pierce armor are members of the military. Armor piercing bullets are commonly regarded as only having the purpose of killing police officers.

Several calibers of KTW rounds were proven to penetrate ballistic vests under certain conditions. However, their inventor Kopsch said in a 1990 interview that "adding a Teflon coating to the round added 20% penetration power on metal and glass. Critics kept complaining about Teflon's ability to penetrate body armor [...] In fact, Teflon cut down on the round's ability to cut through the nylon or Kevlar of body armor."[2]

The federal ban on armor-piercing pistol ammunition uses only the composition of the bullet's core to determine legality.[5] However, many individual states have legislation restricting various kinds of coating materials, for example:

In the mid-1980's, the United States federal government passed legislation to kill general availability of a few technologies critical to a well-regulated militia, while exempting government personnel. One of these technologies is "armor piercing ammunition". Such property restriction is ethically unacceptable and even illegal by this federal government's own charter document, and the explicit wisdom and wishes of the nation's founders. But we will reclaim the forbidden fire, by outflanking the regulators' definitions and imaginations.

While manufacturing or importing "armor piercing ammunition" remains illegal, the Dagny Dagger escapes these criteria by use of obscure alloys. To ensure federal legality, we have retained a well-respected firearms attorney. Local laws vary, but the Dagger is legal for individuals to manufacture and possess in most of the 50 states.

The Dagny Dagger exhibits a breadth of capability and advantage entirely separate the superior penetration of body armor, which has inspired additional configurations of the technology. Each is tailored to a different purpose, retaining the superior power, velocity, cartridge weight, recoil dynamics, and soft-target terminal performance of the Dagny Dagger, but trading the Dagger's penetrative potential for enormous cost savings.

Development of the 9mm Dagny Dagger to its virtually-finished state took place over 3 years and cost only $50k, yielding a remarkably impressive return rate not only for the cause of liberty in negation of an entire act of Congress, but also for creation of arguably the highest-performing combat load ever devised for the world's most popular pistol cartridge. In addition to the penetrative capacity, all variants devastate unarmored targets in excess of standard hollow points and boast a laundry list of superlatives over other 9mm loadings, including "most powerful" at 515ftlbs muzzle energy.

Q: What if the federal government bans this AP ammo also?A: Federal prohibition of this technology is very unlikely in the foreseeable future, at the executive level because of the uniquely specific language of the AP ammo ban, and at the legislative level because of magnanimity of effort required to pass an act of congress which would very likely also harm NRA- and NSSF-protected weapons companies. But if it does happen, stand-by and watch; we are innovators, bureaucrats and politicians are not. 041b061a72




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