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Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson

Osirix User Manual Pdf Free !!BETTER!! Downloadl

With OsiriX, surgeons can perform a virtual resection to predict the future functional remnant liver volume on their own computer. This enables optimization of preoperative planning and possibly reduces the risk of postresection liver failure, especially in extended resections. Furthermore, OsiriX has a big advantage in that it can be downloaded free of charge and it has an integrated PAC system in which the data of all examined patients are automatically stored. Nowadays, volumetric assessment of the liver is performed mainly by radiologists. At our center, the commercial image analysis software package iNtuition is used for liver CT volumetry. This package is not readily accessible to liver surgeons and hepatologists, which sometimes makes it difficult to use when considering different scenarios in the planning of extended resections. OsiriX combines an image archiving system and a user-friendly image analysis package. It allows one to store DICOM files of the CT scans of patients in a liver resection registry and is plug-and-play after downloading the software. However, the OsiriX system has not yet been validated for liver volumetry.

Osirix User Manual Pdf Free Downloadl





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