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Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy ablates the hemorrhoidal tissue with a freezing cryoprobe. It has been claimed to cause less pain because sensory nerve endings are destroyed at very low temperature. However, several clinical trials revealed that it was associated with prolonged pain, foul-smelling discharge and a high rate of persistent hemorrhoidal mass[54]. It is therefore rarely used.

macleod's clinical examination 14th edition pdf free 1274

The most commonly reported location of mycotic aneurysms after intravesical BCG immunotherapy is aortic (thoracic and abdominal). Moreover, mycotic aneurysms in carotid, iliac, femoral, and popliteal arteries have also been reported. Most reported aneurysms developed within 7-77 months after initial BCG instillation, and more than half of cases presented with rupture of their aneurysms [45]. In a review of 31 aneurysms found in 21 patients after BCG therapy, the most common clinical symptoms were abdominal or back pain (57%), general malaise (52%), fever (38%), and pulsatile or painful mass (19%) [46]. Psoas abscesses have been reported to occur nearly exclusively in patients with mycotic aneurysms and may be caused by the infected aneurysmal leak [47]. Only a few reported cases have shown evidence of typical caseating granuloma in histopathologic examination, so the definitive diagnosis of mycotic aneurysms is based on culture of the aneurysm specimen [45]. Besides this gold standard, microbiological acid-fast bacilli detection and PCR from various tissue samples have been reported [48]. Treatment of mycotic aneurysms includes anti-TB therapy and vascular surgery. The typical surgical repair entails resection of all infected arterial tissues for large aneurysms and revascularization with in situ biological conduits or extra anatomic bypasses. The use of in situ prosthetic conduits was also reported, but the etiology of these aneurysms was not well defined during the surgical repair [46].

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