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Best Free Snippet Tool For Mac [2021]

If you're looking for a free snipping tool for Mac that can satisfy your needs of cropping, marking, and adding text or arrows to the screenshots, you can find your answer here. Maybe you have learned how to take a screenshot on Mac via macOS built-in tools. Today, we'll introduce the top 5 best free snipping tools for Mac of the third-party developers to you.

Best Free Snippet Tool For Mac


Snagit is known as the best snipping tool and a screen recorder for Mac for its aesthetic interface and powerful features. Using Snagit for grabbing snapshots and altering hotkeys is quite easy. Moreover, it is fitted with a powerful editor that incorporates handy tools like blur, arrows, rectangles, etc.

Lightshot is a user-friendly and completely free snipping tool on Mac to take a customizable screenshot. This Mac snipping tool not only enables you to create screenshots, but also can edit your screen capture by adding text, shapes, and colors to them. With a simple interface, you can easily snip screenshots and share them instantly.

Monosnap is not only a high-efficient snipping tool for Mac but also a convenient cloud storage application. It is fitted with a highly functional editor that allows customizing your snapshots to your preferences and sharing them with others. A free Monosnap account gives you 2GB of storage space for saving and sharing photos.

CloudApp, another best snipping tool for Mac free download, has robust annotation features. It lets you capture your fullscreen, regions, and app windows using the menu bar utility, and configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can use it on the web, or download it to Mac.

All the above-mentioned 5 best free Mac snipping tool alternatives can help you capture screen and edit screenshots easily. If you want a completely free Mac snipping tool, both Lightshot and Monosnap are suitable. If you want an advanced snipping tool for Mac with a relatively lower price, you can choose Snagit. If you also need cloud storage, select Droplr or CloudApp.

If you are looking for the fastest way to take a screenshot in 2022, Lightshot is your ideal snipping tool. The good news is that Lightshot is the best free snipping tool for Mac in terms of services.

Users who seek a free snipping tool for Mac that can accomplish their needs of cropping, saving, and sharing a particular data can find their solution here. Here we will introduce you to the best free snipping tools for Mac. So, let's begin here.

Because of its aesthetic interface and powerful features, Snagit has become one of MAC's best snipping tools and screen recorders. Snagit is quite simple and easy to use for capturing snapshots and shifting hotkeys. As well as this, it is fitted with a powerful editor, incorporating handy tools including arrows, blur, rectangular, and more.

Lightshot is considered user-friendly and is one of Mac's utterly free snipping tools, helping take customizable screenshots. The tool for Mac helps you take a screenshot and allows you to edit your screen capture by shaping, coloring, and texting them. In addition, it allows users to take snapshots easily with a simple interface and help share them instantaneously.

Droplr is considered one of the rich-featured snipping tools that show its best compatibility with Mac. Besides snipping the pages, the tool also comprises the features of screen recording and GIF creation. Moreover, it works to save all the captured screenshots directly to your cloud storage with a link. As well as this, annotation tools in Droplr are quick, apparent, and are a breeze to use. This easily using free snipping tool for mac also comes with a variety of screen capture options.

CloudApp is another free snipping tool for mac that comes with robust annotation features. In addition, it offers users menu bar utility and configurable keyboard shortcuts, helping you capture your entire screen, parts, and app windows. You can have two options; use CloudApp on the web or download it to Mac.

Monosnp does not only work as a high-efficient free snipping tool for mac; however, it also comes as a convenient cloud storage option. It provides users with a highly functional editor, helping customize your snapshots according to your preference. You can also share your screenshots with others using a simple sharing method. A free Monosnap account offers users a 2GB storage space to save and share their screenshots.

All the potential pros and cons of the best and top 5 free snipping tools for mac are listed here. The given discussion will help you choose the best snipping tools accordingly. Almost all these snipping tools are free of cost and work to bring efficiency to your tasks. It will help if you compare the compatibility level, helping you choose the perfect option. In addition, if you wish to recover those accidentally or purposely deleted screenshots, just give EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac a shot!

LightShot is a free and very straightforward snip tool for Mac that allows you to take a quick screenshot, edit it and share it on Facebook and Twitter, all in a single window. Creating your own account on offers you the possibility to store screenshots and access them at any time.

Although macOS devices already have a versatile inbuilt screenshotting and screen recording tool, users who need more from software like this might want additional features like taking scrolling screenshots, making annotations, and more. With Movavi Screen Recorder this can be easily done in no time. Try it out for free now!

Compared to other tools discussed above, Capto is in a league of its own and virtually redefines how to snip on Mac. It lets you capture full screen, circle area, rectangle area, freeform area, single app window, menus, webpages, and more. Besides, it features a robust editor to help you modify the results.

Best of all, you can try and download all these apps, and decide which one you like the most for free because all of them are available through Setapp, a suite of 200+ best-in-class Mac and iOS apps for any job. Taking screenshots with unique apps from Setapp will bring you the most beautiful results of the highest quality in no time. Screenshot away!

EaseUS, well known for their date recovery software, also has a simple yet versatile snipping/screenshot tool. For PC only, EaseUS ScreenShot is a free software that lets you take a customizable screenshot of your PC screen and then annotate, edit, and enhance the screenshot quickly and easily

One of the better known snipping tools, Snagit is an affordable (not free), user-friendly application. Like other entries on this list of the best snipping tools, Snagit includes an all-in-one capture feature for capturing various areas, such as the entire desktop, a region, a window, or a scrolling screen.

ShareX is a strong contender on this list of the best snipping tools because it is a feature-rich free application, equipped with a number of productivity tools, file destinations, upload methods, and region capture types, among others.

Greenshot is an advanced screenshot-taking tool with built-in OCR capabilities. Just like Snipping Tool for Windows, Greenshot allows you to create screenshots of a selected region, window, or entire screen. It can even capture complete web pages from Internet Explorer without any addons. You can easily annotate, highlight, or obfuscate, the screenshots you take with Greenshot using the application itself and export them in various ways. Greenshot is completely free, open source, and it runs on both macOS and Windows.

You can download Disk Drill for free and use it without any expert knowledge, and there are several extra reasons why you should definitely do so because it comes with extra free disk tools that can find duplicates on your hard drive, backup your data, or monitor the health of your hard drive, among many other things.

There are various factors that you should look at before picking a snipping tool. From affordability to features, these can all contribute to your choice in buying the best snipping tool for your Mac. Here are a few factors to consider:

Another easy-to-use screen capturing tool is Movavi Screen Recorder. It features a great set of tools for screen recording that you can use to record video conferences and online videos. You can take snippets on your Mac with just one click.

Lightshot is another lightweight screenshot tool for Mac and Windows computers. It captures screenshots efficiently and can be used to take consecutive screenshots without lagging. It has a beginner-friendly interface and is free.

SnapNDrag is one of the older screenshot tools on Mac that can provide quality snippets. It has the basic annotating and editing tools necessary to edit your screenshots. You can also share the snippet via Mail, Messages, and social media platforms.

Capto is a screenshot tool on Mac that can also be used as a screen recording and video editing app. It has various screenshot modes and sharing options. You can also add annotations to your snippets using its editing tool.

Thankfully, there are a variety of Mac snipping tool alternatives. Many of these snipping tools for Mac include useful features such as screen recording, cloud storage, markup tools, and integrations with messaging and work productivity apps. Read on to learn how to use snipping tool on Mac with keyboard shortcuts. Then, you can determine which of the 5 best snipping tools for Mac works best for you.

Mac OS Mojave and later also includes a Screenshot app that can be accessed by pressing Shift + Command + 5. On this app, you can view your screenshots and change their destination folder. However, this MacBook snipping tool does not include annotation tools like Windows Snipping Tool, making it a weak Mac snipping tool alternative. If you want a more advanced MacBook snip tool, you will need to download a different snipping tool for Mac. Here are our five suggestions for the best snipping tools for Mac.




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