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Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson

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Meanwhile Thames Valley Police, who were watching Michael Fuller from 1985, began dropping by the house regularly. Fuller himself was an experienced crack user. In the early 1990s he was running a big drug distribution network based around Pentonville, which operated on a large scale with substantial amounts of cocaine being trafficked in. He had a number of contacts in North London and these contacts, particularly those of Luthra, supplied the drug not only to Fuller but other dealers from northern London, such as Kevin Smith and Paul Cowman. When Fuller was sentenced in 1992 for possession of 7.5 kg of cocaine with intent to supply, the judge made the following comments about him:

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Unfortunately for Fuller, his relationship with Luthra ended soon after the arrest and he continued to run a drug network of his own, now based in Finchley. It wasnt long before his links with Smith also began to fall away. Of course there were those who remained loyal, including David Harwood, who became Londons most prolific drug dealer. Harwood came to the authorities attention in 1994, when a joint Met and Thames Valley Police operation netted him, Smith and Fuller in Harrow. Over the subsequent years both Smith and Fuller were jailed, Smith in 1996 for a string of cocaine offences. Fuller was released in 2003.

In May 2002, police officers raided another flat in Finchley and discovered that a young woman named Suzanne Scott was living there with Michael Carver, who as one of the first convicted of a crime of affray, was known as Carvers honourary son. Scott was arrested and when police searched the house they found 500 grams of cocaine, two mobile phones, approximately 250 grams of heroin and a quantity of cannabis, which they believed was related to a previous drug raid in another part of the building. Scott was subsequently charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine. She was bailed, but in November was arrested again and charged with possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply. She was also charged with conspiracy to make amphetamine and for stealing three laptops which was believed to be part of her administrative duties at Carvers mothers house in Harrow. Her bail was revoked for the possession charge. She was remanded in custody and refused bail.




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