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Kanjozoku Racing Car Games: A Realistic and Immersive JDM Racing Simulator for Android

Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK: Experience the Thrill of Illegal Street Racing on Your Android Device

Do you love racing games? Do you want to feel the adrenaline rush of driving fast cars on the streets of Japan? Do you want to immerse yourself in the authentic and exciting world of Kanjozoku culture? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should definitely check out Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK, one of the best racing games for Android devices.

What is Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK is a racing game developed by CRAZY.DEVS that lets you explore an amazing world of racing by acquiring new legendary cars and by completing fun challenges. It is inspired by the real-life Kanjozoku culture, which is a group of car enthusiasts associated with illegal street racing in Japan. The game features:

kanjozoku racing car games apk

Download File:

  • 90s Osaka Kanjo Illegal street racing.

  • True 90s and 2000s JDM Cars to drive and tune.

  • Engine Tuning, Engine Swaps, Body Tuning, Suspension Tuning, and more.

  • Load custom vinyls/liveries to the car.

  • Online Races, Online Car Meets, and Hotspots.

  • Drift with RWD and AWD cars.

  • High Speed Police Chases.

  • Rating system based on your performance.

How to download and install the game on your Android device

To download and install Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK on your Android device, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to to download the APK file of the game.

  • Once the download is complete, locate the file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process.

  • If you see a warning message that says "Install blocked", go to your device settings and enable "Unknown sources" under security options.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

  • Launch the game and enjoy!

What is Kanjozoku Culture?

The origins and history of the underground street racing scene in Japan

Kanjozoku culture is a part of Japan's underground car culture that involves illegal street racing on elevated highways in Osaka, Japan. The term Kanjozoku is derived from the combination of the words "kanjo" (meaning ring) and "zoku" (meaning group). The origins of Kanjozoku culture are not very clear, but it is believed to have started around three decades ago. Honda enthusiasts have been racing on the Kanjo Loop, an infamous expressway where the roadways connect in a looping clockwise position. The goal of the Kanjo racers is to avoid traffic, police, and other obstacles while driving at high speeds. They are often compared to other notorious car clubs such as Midnight Club and Wangan.

The characteristics and styles of The characteristics and styles of the Kanjozoku racers and their cars

The Kanjozoku racers are known for their distinctive and daring styles, both in their driving and in their cars. They often wear masks, helmets, or balaclavas to conceal their identities and to protect themselves from the police and rival gangs. They also adorn their cars with stickers, slogans, and symbols that represent their car clubs, their beliefs, or their personalities. Some of the most famous car clubs are No Good Racing, TOPGUN Racing, Club Wharp, and Law Break. Each club has its own color scheme, logo, and philosophy.

The cars of the Kanjozoku racers are mostly Honda Civics from the 80s and 90s, such as the EF, EG, EK, and EP models. These cars are chosen for their light weight, agility, reliability, and affordability. The Kanjozoku racers modify their cars extensively to improve their performance and appearance. They often swap engines, install turbos or superchargers, upgrade suspensions and brakes, lower the ride height, widen the tires, and add spoilers and body kits. The result is a car that can handle the tight turns and high speeds of the Kanjo loop.

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How to Play Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK?

The gameplay modes and options available in the game

Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK offers a variety of gameplay modes and options for you to enjoy. You can choose from:

  • Career Mode: In this mode, you start as a rookie racer and work your way up to become the king of the Kanjo loop. You can earn money by winning races, completing challenges, and escaping from the police. You can use the money to buy new cars or upgrade your existing ones.

  • Free Mode: In this mode, you can explore the city of Osaka at your own pace. You can drive around the Kanjo loop or other streets, find hidden spots, or join online races and car meets with other players.

  • Drift Mode: In this mode, you can practice your drifting skills with RWD or AWD cars. You can choose from different drift courses or create your own. You can also compete with other players online or offline.

  • Customization Mode: In this mode, you can customize your car to your liking. You can change the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, wheels, tires, body parts, paint color, vinyls, stickers, and more. You can also load custom vinyls or liveries from other sources.

The tips and tricks to master the game and become the best racer

To master Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK and become the best racer on the Kanjo loop, you need to follow these tips and tricks:

  • Choose the right car for your style. Different cars have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, some cars are faster but harder to control, while others are more stable but slower. You need to find a car that suits your driving style and preference.

  • Tune your car properly. Tuning your car can make a big difference in your performance. You need to adjust the engine power, gear ratio, suspension stiffness, brake balance, tire pressure, camber angle, toe angle, and more. You need to find a balance between speed, acceleration, handling, and stability.

  • Learn the Kanjo loop. The Kanjo loop is not a simple circuit. It has many twists and turns, elevation changes, traffic jams, police patrols, and other hazards. You need to memorize the layout of the loop and know when to accelerate, brake, steer, or drift.

  • Use the slipstream effect. The slipstream effect is when you follow closely behind another car and use its draft to gain speed. This can help you overtake your opponents or escape from the police. However, be careful not to crash into them or lose control of your car.

  • Be smart and aggressive. The Kanjo loop is not a place for polite drivers. You need to be smart and aggressive to survive and win. You need to use every trick in the book to gain an advantage over your rivals or evade the cops. You can block them off, cut them off, bump them, or even ram them. You can also use shortcuts, jumps, or other tricks to gain an edge. However, be careful not to damage your car or get caught by the law.

Why You Should Play Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK?

The benefits and advantages of playing this game over other racing games

Kanjozoku Racing Car Games APK is not just another racing game. It is a game that offers you many benefits and advantages over other racing games. Some of them are:

It is realistic and authent




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