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Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson

Lying (2006) - M.Blash

Meanwhile, Grace snoops around the house and finds Megan's passport. During dinner, the women discuss Sarah, and Megan comments that she purchased the plot of land next to Sarah's and had the house built. Grace questions this, as the house appears old. Grace challenges Megan again when she claims that locusts migrate to the arctic each year. Grace later tells Hella that Megan has lied about her age. In the morning, Grace confronts Hella and Linda with a cache of bills and paperwork she discovered in a drawer, indicating that Megan has been lying about the house being hers. The three women leave.

Lying (2006) - M.Blash

Oddly enough though, the four women are staying in Sevigny's humble abode, which is enormous. Somehow their interactions are always a little less than. These moments are naked, and are never truly given recognition by the characters. Not until the end is there confrontation, when it becomes clear that one of them is lying. 041b061a72




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