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Hunter Montgomery
Hunter Montgomery

BA BSC Semester III And IV.pdf

But the most striking point which needs to be mentioned is that owing to lock down imposed by the State Govt. in compliance with the directives of the Central Govt. to prevent spread of Novel Corona Virus(COVID-19), the Teaching -Learning process has been tremendously hampered. This lock down will definitely cause deferment of everything namely the University Examinations( Even-semesters, Part-III), Admission of students in Semester-I classes for the session: 2020-2021,Publication of various results etc. Though online classes are being held as much as possible but this can, in no way, replace the system of normal classes where the students can interact directly with the teachers.

BA BSC Semester III and IV.pdf

Nigeria (four to five years), 6 months dedicated to SIWES (Students Industrial Work Exchange Scheme) but for most sciences and all engineering courses only. A semester for project work/thesis not excluding course work during the bachelor thesis. Excluding 1 year for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), para-military and civil service.

The students who are going to participate in the Kakatiya University even semester examination in the May/June month may download their Kakatiya University time table from the university official website when it was available. 041b061a72




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